About Lorals

Launched in 2018, Lorals is revolutionizing the way women and their partners experience oral sex. The research is clear. Women are 3x more likely to climax during oral sex than during intercourse, yet women receive only half as much oral sex as men. To close the orgasm gap for the 200M+ women who want more oral sex, Lorals offers high-tech lingerie for comfort, pleasure, and protection during intimacy. With a world-class team of advisors including a former Victoria’s Secret branding designer, an FDA consultant for Johnson & Johnson, and a former CMO of a condom startup, Lorals is poised to transform pleasure and safety for women the way condoms did for men.

“Revolutionary” – Cosmopolitan

“A feel-good plan to close the orgasm gap” – Fast Company

“Helps in a big way” – Elite Daily

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